Lecture du moment et DIY

J’ai eu envie de changer un peu mes lectures. Les polars victoriens c’est gentil, mais ça ne fait pas forcément rêver.
Or en ce moment j’ai bien besoin de m’évader. Alors je me suis décidée à replonger dans Tolkien.

Sauf que le gros pavé a pris cher.
Je me demande comment réparer la reliure sans trop de dégâts… Vous avez déjà fait ça?

Edit : du scotch et du bristol et hop :



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  1. I’ve read Lord of the Rings only a few times, but always enjoy the language. I’ve heard that there are some wonderful audiobook versions of LOTR. I think the next time I read them, I may try those.

    Regarding fixing a battered paperback like that. Yikes. I think the only thing to do is apply lots of packaging tape. Priority is to keep it intact, not to make it look nice, I assume.


    • It’s my first time reading it in english, and it changes everything ! Would be lovely to listen to LOTR while knitting or spinning.

      I improvised a rigid paper cover to hold everything together without actually tempering with the book (it doesn’t belong to me so I don’t want to risk damaging it), it works allright for bedtime reading !


      • There are some books that I just can’t imagine reading in translation. LOTR is one of them. I think there are even some dramatized, ensemble cast recordings of the books available. Have fun!


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